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How Dad’s Dog Sparked a Business

A Happy Accident: It all started when I was hunting for the perfect gift for my dad’s 80th birthday. I used Stable Fusion to make CGI images of his dog, planning to create an apron, coasters, and canvas prints. Little did I know, setting up a Redbubble account to print these would kickstart my business journey.

Surprise Success: After uploading my designs for personal use, someone else found and bought one. Suddenly, I was running an online store without even trying!

Instagram Stardom: Requests for humorous pet portraits began flooding in on Instagram. Imagine cats in top hats and dogs as superheroes – my feed turned into a delightful parade of pet humor.

Creating Smiles: What began as a simple birthday project has now grown into a business that brings joy and laughter through pet-themed cards and posters. It’s a magical feeling, turning pet photos into sources of happiness.

In short, a quest for a birthday gift unexpectedly evolved into a thriving business, all thanks to a dog, a digital tool, and a dash of serendipity!

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