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  • Captivating Imagery: This stunning piece from the Maine Coon Prints collection features a Maine Coon cat, exquisitely rendered in watercolours. The artwork skillfully captures the cat’s majestic presence and luxurious fur, embodying the natural elegance and robust charm that Maine Coon Prints are celebrated for, presenting a depiction that’s both awe-inspiring and enchanting.
  • Rich Detail: The craftsmanship in this Maine Coon Print is both intricate and expressive. It showcases the cat’s striking fur patterns, compelling eyes, and majestic stance that defines its character, all brought to life with the vibrant and fluid strokes of watercolour. Each aspect of the Maine Coon Print enriches the visual allure, inviting viewers to appreciate the magnificent beauty of the Maine Coon breed.
  • Artistic Elegance: Created with a deep appreciation for the grandeur of Maine Coons and proficient use of watercolour techniques, this artwork stands as a testament to the beauty of Maine Coon Prints. The painterly use of watercolours captures the Maine Coon’s distinguished look, making it a prime example of Maine Coon Print artistry.
  • Versatile Decor Piece: Perfect for adding a touch of natural majesty and feline grace to any setting, this Maine Coon Print fits seamlessly into various interior designs. Whether it’s complementing the sophistication of a living room, enhancing the warmth of a study, or adding tranquillity to a bedroom, Maine Coon Prints offer a striking and elegant decorative element.
  • Ideal Gift Option: For lovers of Maine Coons, watercolour art aficionados, or anyone who admires the splendour of detailed animal portraits, this piece from the Maine Coon Prints collection serves as a wonderful gift. It encapsulates the majestic and serene essence of Maine Coon Prints, offering a piece that’s visually compelling and full of character.
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All prints are professionally manufactured.

► Canvas Print Information

Canvas frames are made of FSC® certified wood. When not available PEFC or equivalent.
Ready to hang – With mounting kit included
• Makes a great gift
• Artwork fully wraps around the edges
• 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2″) thick frame

► Shipping And Delivery

• Delivery is 8-10 days after order confirmation.
• Canvas are shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation.

►If you want this design printed on something else or in a size not listed, please email us.

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